HTC’s Flagship phone HTC U12+ leaked before the launch event tomorrow

HTC was bound to unveil and release its most anticipated latest flagship phone HTC U12+. However, due to an internal malfunction in the company, all the details of the phone were accidentally listed on an official web page of HTC. This appears to a mistake on the part of the Taiwanese company, who rendered all the details of the flagship phone on its home website. However, the issue was resolved and the link was taken down shortly afterwards.

The major details and specifications about the phone had been jot down. The flagship HTC U12+ will have a 6 GB of ram and 128 GB of internal storage. Other specifications include a 6-inch WQHD+ (1440×2880 pixels) Super LCD6 panel and the system will be powered by a Snapdragon 845 SoC. It is supposed to sound great with an IP68-certified build, BoomSound speakers. To keep it all powered up, a 3500mAh battery will be used. Furthermore, it is supposed to feature both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It will also feature motion launch, quiet ring on pick up, and a pocket mode.

On the back, there is a dual camera and a fingerprint sensor. The form factor isn’t exactly great. The HTC U12+ may not have a notch like its other flagship rivals, but it isn’t bezel-less either. It has traditional viewing ratio of 16:9. rather than 18:9.

The listed price was CNY 5,888, which is approximately Rs. 62,800. This price is quite high once you compare it with its flagship rivals such as One Plus 6, Galaxy S9 or an Apple iPhone 8. Moreover, the features listed are good, but not even comparable to its rivals. You’ve either got to be an HTC fanboy or the company is got to reduce the price of the device in order to make it successful. The global price for the device will be unveiled on May 23, at the device’s launch.

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