Iphone X Fold: A Glance at Its Concept

While the eyes of the whole world are focused on Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold – the first folding smartphone to present itself to the general public as a complete commercial product, and not as a concept shown in a hurry, many await the upcoming devices to be announced from  other producers, and one of these should be just Apple.

Surely the house of Cupertino will not bring a folding iPhone on the market before 2020, since the company is in no hurry to throw its proposal on the market before it is complete and refined, but this does not prevent concept lovers to imagine how the design of this mysterious device would be.

iphone x fold

The author of the images that we propose is Roy Gilsing, who was based on the lines of Galaxy Fold to realize his concept of iPhone X Fold. Compared to the original Samsung home, the device designed by Gilsing has a much wider front display, characterized by the traditional design with notch of the iPhone X, although proposed in a longer version.

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Once opened, iPhone X Fold reveals another important difference compared to the Galaxy Fold. The lateral notch disappears in favor of a small hole for the internal camera, located on the left side of the smartphone concept. Gilsing also hypothesized that the huge display can use a layout similar to that of the iPad; on the other hand, the internal screen should have a diagonal very close to that of an iPad Mini, so it is likely that Apple will adopt this strategy.

Another image also shows us one of the possible applications of the folding screen, that is to offer a virtual keyboard of very generous dimensions, leaving the other half of the internal display to display the content – in this case the Notes application.

This is a simple concept which has no connection with Apple and should not be taken as an anticipation, but as one of the many ideas that we will find on the web over the next few months.

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