Jio Phone 2 VS Nokia 8810

Jio Phone

Reliance Jio has offered affordable 4G solutions that have engulfed the whole of India. As a result, the mobile market witnessed a crucial change and all the smartphones including the 4G LTE connectivity.

However, very few feature phones have 4G LTE connectivity and thus people who do not own a smartphone or can’t use one, especially the older generation, have been unfamiliar with its benefits. But there are not one, but two game changers in the market- Jio Phone 2 and Nokia 8810; feature Phones with 4G LTE connectivity.

Jio Phone

Talking about the Hardware, the Jio Phone 2 is a qwerty phone which reminds one of the older Blackberry models. However, the built quality will not match that of Blackberry. It features a 2.4-inch horizontal display with a 4-way navigation key and even a dedicated key for activating the voice command. The Nokia 8810 offers a unique ‘Banana-Style’ curved hardware with a sliding cover for the keypad. It also features a 2.4-inch vertical display.

Jio Phone

Regarding price, the Jio Phone 2 will retail at Rs. 2,999 only. On the other hand, the Nokia 8810 is a bit expensive at Rs. 6,300.

As far as the specs go, both the phones are head to head. Both the Jio Phone 2 and Nokia 8810 are based on the Kai OS. Both the phones feature a dual-sim set-up, 4GB onboard internal storage and 512 MB of ram. There is also a 2-megapixel rear camera, but only the Jio Phone has a 0.5-megapixel front-facing camera.

Bottom Line

Both the phones are an excellent option for someone who wishes to step-up to a 4G set-up. However, the Jio Phone 2 takes the lead on this round. It offers similar specs at a much lower price as compared to Nokia 8810. Moreover, it has various specific other benefits such as a front-facing camera, integrated Whatsapp, and even Youtube.

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