Motorola Razr 2019: The Dual Screen Design

Motorola Razr

Although they probably will not occupy an important part of the market before 2021, this year is seeing the arrival on the market of the first devices equipped with a folding screen. Among the various companies that have proposed their interpretation, there are those who opted for a display that folds outwards (Samsung Galaxy Fold) and those who have taken the opposite path (Huawei Mate X). In both cases, however, these are devices that go from the size of a smartphone to that of a tablet.

Up until now, only Motorola has had a different vision: to bring the shell phones back to life. It is no coincidence that the idea comes from the winged house that brings to life the design of the legendary Razr. After several renderings and corridor voices overlapped in the previous weeks today, images of a new patent registered at WIPO emerged. Lenovo actually has already confirmed that it is working on a similar smartphone, which is expected to land in the summer.

In addition to the patent, however, the colleagues of XDA have managed to gather further confirmation from the company and above all some details on the operation of the second screen or, what remains visible when the phone is closed. In particular, only some apps pre-installed in the system, such as Moto Display, Moto Actions and Moto Camera, would have access to the secondary display. Below you will find all the details in development reported by XDA on the secondary screen:

  • when open it will work from trackpad to make scroll;
  • will show up to 6 quick settings (maybe you can scroll to make the rest appear);
  • to take a selfie you can tap on the primary display, to zoom instead will need a swipe; a countdown may appear on the secondary screen;
  • will show the typical animation of Google Assistant when it is launched on a closed phone with an invitation to open it to unlock the device;
  • will be able to show the clock, notifications and playback controls;
  • it will be possible to set a different background from the one applied to the primary screen.

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