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Nokia 3.1 Updates to Android 9 Pie

Nokia 3.1

Good news for Nokia 3.1 owners who certainly won’t regret having chosen this entry level smartphone with 18: 9 display. The smartphone has just received the official update to Android 9 Pie, the latest version of Google’s green robot.

To announce it, as usual now, was Juho Sarvikas, CPO of HMD Global. The statement came from the Twitter account of the Finnish company manager. The smartphone, which we can assure you will also get Android Q, receives numerous new features.

Nokia 3.1 is more responsive following the update, with new graphic elements but above all more intelligent in the management of user requests. Overall it improves, and by far, the experience of use, hoping however that there will be no particular bugs and malfunctions.

If it is true that Nokia is one of the very few if not the only manufacturer to update its devices so quickly, even if these often do not belong to the higher end of the market, it is also true that such rushed releases can hide many small problems. We hope that this is not the case.

Nokia 3.1, how to install the software update to Android 9 Pie

The release of the update that installs Android 9 Pie is already available for all Nokia 3.1 and is automatically notified to smartphone owners. However, in some cases it may be necessary to force the search for new software versions from the system settings.

The update does not delete any personal data but we always recommend to make a backup; at least the most important data . Better if it is backed up after deleting from the internal memory any files (images, music, videos, audio clips and documents) that you no longer use.

Proceed to install Android 9 Pie only with the fully charged Nokia 3.1 battery or, better yet, by connecting the device to the power outlet.

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