Oneplus 6 Camera and Its First Appearance

OnePlus 6 Camera

The OnePlus 6 Camera | The Chinese manufacturer is announcing a new flagship on May 16. The start of sales is scheduled for 21 days, with the smartphone first appear only in specific markets. Before the event, it remains a little over a week, but the company manager has already lighted OnePlus 6.

The source of the photographs was Amitabh Bachchan – Indian film actor and TV host. On the eve he met with the founder of the company Pete Lau, after which he shared photos from the event on Twitter. The tweet has already been deleted, reports 9to5google.

Oneplus 6 Camera and Its First Appearance

OnePlus 6 appeared in two colors – black and white. At the same time, the white version received golden accents, which was not shown on the renderers before. You can see a dual camera and a fingerprint scanner.

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Recall, the announcement of OnePlus 6 will be held in London. From the smartphone we are waiting for Snapdragon 845, 8 GB of RAM and a glass back panel. The camera of the device will learn to record slow-motion video with a large number of frames per second. A picture taken on the device can be seen here.

The primary camera of the upcoming OnePlus 6 is so good that it was on it that the photo was taken for the cover of the last issue of Vogue India. This was reported by the representatives of the magazine in its Instagram, having published a photo, which will head the May issue of the world-famous magazine.

OnePlus 6 Camera - Indian Vogue

This is the first attempt by the publishers of a magazine of this level to take photos for a number on a smartphone by a Chinese manufacturer. Previously, as a rule, the only candidate for participation in such experiments was the flagship iPhone. Judging by the quality of the image, however, the publishers were not mistaken.

The level of detail provided by the OnePlus 6 camera is striking. Even the smallest elements of the frame are visible in the picture. This image is a direct proof that OnePlus has managed to create a competitive camera phone that can compete with even the iPhone.

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