Samsung Again: My Galaxy Phones Caught Fire and Destroyed My Car [Video+Photos]

galaxy phones caught fire

Samsung Electronics again became a figurant of the case of exploding smartphones. According to the American television channel WXYZ, a resident of Detroit lost her car and nearly killed herself because one of her two Samsung Galaxy phones, lying in the glove box, suddenly caught fire and embraced the whole salon with a tribe.

Since the device was two – Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S8 – it is quite difficult to understand which of them caused the fire, representatives of the Detroit Fire Department state. Despite this, forensic experts continue to investigate to identify the source and cause of the fire.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S8. I thought I was going to die when I saw the sparks and the fire,” she says.

To conduct the most objective investigation, the victim’s lawyer decided to ask Samsung Electronics for assistance. “We contacted Samsung representatives,” says attorney Gerald Tourswell. “They immediately sent a team of experts to inspect the car and what was left of the smartphones.”

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Attorney Gerald Thurswell says his client still suffers emotional scars and trouble sleeping after the scare.

While searching online, we found similar complaints about Samsung phones, some that were even banned from airplanes. But, Thurswell says neither of the phones is on a recall list.

The press service of Samsung Electronics confirmed their participation in the investigation of the case of fire. “We are responsible for the quality and safety of millions of Samsung smartphones in the US. Therefore it is in our interests to conduct a full investigation, having examined all the evidence. However, at this stage it is impossible to determine the true cause of the incident, “the company stressed.

So far no lawsuit has been filed. We’ll stay on top of this to bring you the latest developments as they happen.

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