Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S10

It is about time that Samsung released its yearly upgraded flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S10.

However, anything is yet to become official but The Bell, a trusted Korean publication has reported leaked details of Samsung Galaxy S10. The flagship Samsung phone will supposedly drop the iris scanner, a crucial and a core component of Samsung’s ‘Intelligent Scan’ facial unlock. Instead, it will be replaced by a 3D face-scanning module. The new face scanning technology is claimed to be far more accurate than the older one and is meant to compete with that of Apple.

In addition to the face scanner, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will also feature an in-display fingerprint scanner. Previously, in Galaxy S7, the fingerprint scanner was on the home button but then shifted to the back to support the bezel-less display. This positioning of the fingerprint scanner provided inconvenience. This is a feature in which Samsung is lacking behind from its rivals such as Oppo and Vivo who already have implemented in-display fingerprint sensor.

According to the report, the size of the devices will not change. So the Galaxy S10 will be 5.8-inch display and the Galaxy S10 Plus will be 6.3-inch display. The physical size of the phone, however, will be a bit a slightly smaller as Samsung will cut down on the already slim bezels on the top and bottom of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S10

A rumor also states that the most basic model will have only one rear camera. The mid-tier will have dual rare camera set-up but the top-notch model will feature a three camera set-up on the back.

All things said and considered, Samsung Galaxy S10 may rank over Apple iPhone X if it manages to match the accuracy of Apple’s Face ID in addition to the fingerprint sensor, a crucial feature lacked by iPhone X.

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