Samsung Galaxy S10: Suspected Problems with Its Front Cameras

The problems related to the Samsung Galaxy S10 do not seem to end and if before the users were reporting an abnormal drainage of the battery and a failed connection to the provider’s network, at this turn the problem is to be found in the front cameras of the devices; in the first case the fault was attributable to the Exynos chips while in the second it was to be found in the Snapdragon chip.

The signals concerning the sensors indicate that they work badly when trying to use them through a third-party app , for one reason rather than another. The drawback concerns a reduction in the capture angle , which goes without saying that if you take a picture of something, a part of it will be left out. This seems to afflict all the models in the series and may not be something so superficial and create several drawbacks.

Framing problems

If we talk about an application like WhatsApp that cuts the profile photo for sure the problem is less so much that it is enough to do it with the app of the device and then load it later. However, there are applications that are based on the need to take pictures, a trivial example can be that of an app that presents the possibility of setting the reading of the face as a security system.

At the moment it is not clear if the problem is to be found in the Samsung software or if it is something related to Android ; it’s probably a combination of the two. The South Korean manufacturer has added the possibility of exploiting the front sensors with two options, ie they use a 6 MP resolution or the full 10 MP resolution. In this case, third-party apps can only exploit the reduced variant.

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