The Death of Samsung Note Series Is Closer than You Think

samsung Galaxy Note series joins Galaxy S series

When the first Galaxy Note came out, the Galaxy S2 was still being sold in the market. The difference in size was very significant (the first had a 5.3″ display, while the second one was 4.3″). Over the years the two lines have come closer and closer, and since the “Plus” models have arrived, the gap has become narrower. So why not join them?

According to some rumors, the vice president of Samsung, Lee would have revised entirely the line-up of the smartphones produced, starting from the top of the range to the economic sector, in which the Chinese brands are clearing the market.

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Galaxy S9 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8

In the reorganization of the upper part, there would be the fateful union between the S+ series and the Note series. Starting from last year with S8+ and Note 8 (but imagine we will not change much this year), the two lines have become virtually identical (look at the design), and therefore the sales of the Note series would have suffered.

So next year, we could see an S10+ with a 6.4″ display and S Pen. This would save resources spent on the development and manufacture of almost identical models, and we would reinforce the rumors that in 2019 we will see three models of Galaxy S10.

For now, however, we can not dwell on Note 9, which should have about the same size as the previous model (6.38″ against 6.32″ ), but much more battery (4,000 mAh against 3,300 mAh). Sales, however, are estimated by Samsung in the order of 12 million copies, just 1 million more than recorded by Note 8.

It seems therefore that this could be the end of the line for the Samsung Galaxy Note series, joining the Galaxy S line to create a homogeneous range of products. What do you think about the latest development? What’s your expectation when both series are combined? We would like to know in the comment box below.

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