Facebook Released a New “Downvote Button” feature in Some Countries (Photos)

Facebook Downvote launched

The notorious “Dislike” button is one of the forbidden dreams of many Facebook users since its inception. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has long made it clear that such a function is not in the plans and probably never will, but the novelty introduced for a small slice of users in the last few hours is close to us.


facebook downvote button

The platform development team has launched a small test for a new “downvote” button, which allows for a negative vote to be given to other users’ comments and hidden from the post. For now, this tool is only available to some users of Facebook in English in the United States and is enabled only for comments on posts on public pages, so it is an insufficient test.


facebook downvote button

The purpose of this experiment is to study the interaction of subscribers with inappropriate content. Users can use the downvote button, which appears below the relevant post, signaling to the society also the reason for this vote: after pressing the button, in fact, further boxes look with which you can tell if the content is “offensive“, “Deceptive” or “off-topic“, in addition to the option to cancel the vote.


facebook downvote button img

Once the comment has been flagged with the downvotes, it is hidden from the post, which prevents others from viewing it later. And this is precisely the central point of the question, the one that could ignite the most fierce polemics.


The downvote appears as a more straightforward and more intuitive solution to report inappropriate comments, more convenient than the flag already available in the post options. Thanks to an instrument of this type, Facebook probably hopes to pursue more aggressively the campaign against fake news and the rampant disinformation of some pages, a battlefield on which many essential measures have taken place in recent months.

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