Instagram Launches IGTV Video App | Encouraging Video Creators

IGTV app launched by Instagram
IGTV app launched

Instagram launched the IGTV a while ago. The CEO mentioned on Wednesday that it has over a billion users currently. This video feature is aimed at attracting video bloggers and creators to patronize Instagram for all their video concerns. Surprisingly it is the fourth Facebook platform that has hit the billion user mark as its other namesake social networks like WhatsApp and Messenger. This is a stepping stone for Instagram because in recent years there have some goodness and bad news. Facebook itself has declined in youth segment users in last months while Instagram increased drastically beyond reasonable doubts. In fact, it’s users has quickly outpaced Twitter and Snapchat.

Internal view of the videos in the app | IGTV
Internal view of the videos in the app

The chief executive officer Kevin Systrom unveiled the IGTV app in an event in SAN Francisco. He mentioned that “they have now a community of one billion users.” He also added that since their launch in 2010, they have watched different increment in the app and wondered about its growth and development. Instagram is fixing to a direct competitor to YouTube. Facebook itself has been diving into video features as well. IGTV will enable any user to upload long-form videos and will also include “channels” from video “creators,” similar to a format employed by Google-owned YouTube which has given rise to some YouTube “stars.” Systrom made some comments that thrilled the world. He said, “Anyone can be a creator – you can upload your IGTV videos in the app or on the web to start your channel.”

The IGTV is built to be utilized on a smartphone. The time limit to is exciting as it is extended from one minute. Systrom mentioned that the way videos are being viewed is changing and advancing all over the world. He added that IGTV is “built for how you use your phone, so videos are full screen and vertical.” This launch came in giving regard to the sudden shift in video viewing habits. As the world moves from the traditional television to online platforms viewing including Netflix and Hulu, and with more people watching both professional and user content on services like YouTube.

Ashley Yuki, the project manager, talked at the event that IGTV is a platform from day one so everybody can become a creator. Rolling out for the iOS and Android apps, IGTV will allow any user to upload videos up to 10 minutes long, with the limit for larger accounts at one hour. You can download the app from the Playstore link here

Systrom mentioned that the app is a platform to view videos without distraction. Facebook acquired Instagram in April 2012 for a combination of cash and stock worth some $1 billion (roughly Rs. 6,800 crores) at the time. From that time till now, Instagram has done a great job of creating lots of users all around the world and raising revenues for Facebook. By statistics, While Facebook offers no detailed revenue breakdown, eMarketer estimates Instagram will generate $5.48 billion in net US ad revenue this year, up 70.4 percent from last year and accounting for more than one-fourth of Facebook’s net mobile ad revenue.


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