WhatsApp Ads Will First target the iOS Users in U.S, Plans Already in Progress

WhatsApp Ads on iOS

According to WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp is already working on inserting ads into your application. According to the information published on their Twitter profile, this inclusion is being developed at first for iOS, and the ads will appear in the states, in a way very similar to what happens with Instagram Stories.

According to WaBetaInfo, “advertising will appear after having reproduced a series of states“, although they do not determine how many exactly. In Instagram, for example, appear after having seen the stories of three or four profiles, more or less, but it is unknown if Facebook would plan to follow this system for WhatsApp.

Facebook Plans to Make Money with WhatsApp Ads

This “leak” comes just after Brian Acton, founder of WhatsApp and now co-founder of Signal, recognized in an interview that Facebook had plans to monetize WhatsApp before buying it back in 2014 and that the encryption of the conversations could be a problem facing these plans.

WhatsApp Ads

It has also been talked at length that the strategy of monetization of WhatsApp by Facebook would be to put companies in contact with their customers through their tool, charging for it. A user could send a message to a company, which would have 24 hours to respond for free. After that period of time, WhatsApp would charge a fee to the company in question for the communication.

WhatsApp is used by more than 1,500 million people, a figure still far from the 2,100 million Facebook but much higher than Instagram, whose base exceeds 800 million. As far as the states are concerned, the latest data speak of 450 million active monthly users, a sufficiently generous amount to be configured as a good revenue entry.

WABetaInfo, meanwhile, has attacked WhatsApp with a post they made on their official blog in which they claimed that “ads do not matter when you simply want to talk to someone” and that “advertising is not only against the aesthetic of an application, but it is an insult to your intelligence and an interruption to your thoughts“.

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